Elementary School Philosophy

In the elementary school we recognized that school must be a safe and encouraging environment that fosters risk taking necessary for the full development of a child.  Realizing that children are motivated to learn when they experience success and develop understanding, teachers include finding and using information, making connections across the curriculum, and organizing learning around new concepts.

We believe that children take responsibility for their learning when they understand what it means to learn, to be reflective, and to set and reach personal learning goals.  Knowing that children have their own unique learning styles, lessons are structured to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom with ongoing assessment strategies and timely feedback to support continuous learning.

A quality education is supported by a collaborative effort between home and school. In order for students to reach their potential, they must see their parents and teachers working together.  Parents are encouraged to become active participants at school through volunteering in the classrooms or the school library, participating in special school events such as “Back to School Night” and parent workshops, or attendance at student performances.
What Parents are Saying

"DAIS is more than just a school.. we are a community. And I am so lucky to have my children growing up in such a loving, caring environment. The small classroom and warm environment at DAIS have provided my children with such a unique education... our family is grateful for the opportunity. My kid are excited every day they leave for school. The feel at home in the halls at DAIS and are having so much fun, they don't even realize they're learning!"
Jennifer (America)

"This is our fourth year at Dalian American International School. The teachers and administration at DAIS truly care, and do anything to help the students. We are seeing strong academics and small class sizes but learning here is also about building character. Our children are becoming well-rounded thinkers that see themselves as an important part of a bigger community."
Brianna (America)

"I have seen my children bloom educationally during the last two years while they have attended DAIS. The school has a focus on small class sizes, an excellent teaching staff and a friendly international environment which has created a positive learning atmosphere for my daughters. My kids look forward to school on a daily basis and I feel that says it all."
Nathalie (Canada)
Live on Campus and Walk to School

Campus Village is an international housing community integrated into the campus of Dalian American International School, and an important part of the school community. Your children can walk to school in a matter of minutes and avoid the chaos of Chinese streets. Visit the Campus Village website at http://www.campusvillage.org to get more information.

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